Friday, November 23, 2007


A plaster copy of this statue of Artemis can be seen in the museum at the archeological site at Kition in nothern Larnaka. That particular statue is a pristine virginal white. This drawing I did is based of a photograph I saw of the original. What struck me at the time was the colouration of the statue. The self same colours whose pigments are native to Cyprus. The card describing the plaster cast in Kition states the original statue came from here but has now finished up in a museum in Vienna.
I made an entry about Artemis in The Draughtsman back in January where I gave a brief description of her role in the Olympian pantheon which is shown in part here:-

Artemis. Definitely the women's goddess. Were she revered today I have no doubt she would be the patron goddess of the feminist movement. Protector of women, upholder of female chastity and honour, patron deity of the Amazons of Ephesus, goddess of the Moon, protector of the wild places, (she has my support in that one). But us men need to beware in her presence. She'd kill you as soon as look at you. Just think of what happened to poor Aktaion who stumbled on her skinny-dipping in a Grecian glade. Find out more on Wikipedia.

Certainly not one for us men-folk to mess with. However she was highly regarded throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and on Cyprus was second only to Aphrodite. Cyprus is, after all, Aphrodite's Island.

One other interesting bit about the statue [of Artemis] is the caryatid supporting her right elbow. Was this just a piece of decorative art applied to an essential support for the sculpture or was this caryatid meant to be someone? And if so, - who?

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Swearing Mother said...

Some poor bloke who really annoyed her, I guess.

Shrunk him down to size with a single stare, or something like that, I don't doubt. A bit like me in a mood.