Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cape Greco (Κάπα Γρεκκω)

This thirty feet or so high sculpture dominates the promnotory of Cape Greco, the south-easternmost point of Cyprus. Note that is is called Greco in Greek and not Hellenica (Ηλλενικη) as you might expect. Anyway it is a magnificent viewpoint from which to look out to sea where the Lebanese coast is barely 100 km away.

I couldn't make my mind up as to what the birds represented in the sculpture were. My first thought was of geese but these birds aren't really Mediterranean, perhaps they are flamingos. Flamingos do overwinter in the saltwater lakes near Larnaca and at Akrotiri near Limassol. The flamingo is also featured on the CTO website. So. that's probably what they are.

Note the small trig point on the right of the sculpture.

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