Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cypriot Art

Cypriot artists tend towards the figurative rather than the landscape but a few still-lifes prevail. Steeped as it is in ancient mythology it is hardly surprising that much of the work harks back to that era. The cultural ideal of the goddess is never far beneath the surface. Below are couple of examples.

This one is by Phil Bird who is a British Artist currently living in Cyprus as an art tutor in CYCA at the Larnaka campus. His British work explored the Anglo-celtic myths and this current work has a very "Cypriot" feel to it. This work is about a metre square, oil on canvas.
Anna Georghiou's work explores similar themes but with a radically different approach. More of her work can be seen on her website. This work shown is about a metre and a half by a metre, oil on canvas. She too is a tutor at CYCA. Another prominent artist who also teaches at CYCA is Andreas Efstathiou whose work looks at the more modern scene in Cyprus but still has that distinctive Cypriot flavour. This is a fairly large oil painting on canvas.
The principal of CYCA is Stass Paraskos, a well known Cypriot painter whose work shows aspects of modern Cyprus but also looks back to its varied and sometimes stormy past.
This bookmark on the left is a by-product of mine developed from my work in Cyprus on the Caryatid figure as featured a few days ago.
I will probably develop this theme further while back here in Britain then refuel it at my next trip to Cyprus. I never know where these ideas will lead. That is part of the fun in art. We start with an idea, develop it and soon it gets a mind of its own as it were. Sometimes the final outcome, (if there ever is a final outcome), can be far removed from the original concept.

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