Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harry's Inn

Harry's Inn is listed in the CTO guide as a traditional house. It has ten rooms and offers b&b at Cy£10 per night (approx €17.00) The accommodation is basic and clean. There's no swimming pool nor sauna. With the sea only a couple of hundred yards away, who needs a swimming pool and with Cyprus' climate you only need step outside for a sauna!
This was home for me for a month and very comfortable it was too. Being right in the centre of town it is handy for everything including shops, cafes and the seaside. The building is relatively old and the more modern (and soul-less) skyscraper hotels tower all around.
The garden is a pleasant surprise. The setting is not so urban as the first approach might suggest. The property is run by Mrs Androulla Samson whose family are also involved with a much bigger hotel in Protoras, about 40 km or so eastwards along the coast from Larnaka.


Swearing Mother said...

I love places like that, they're the real thing, if you know what I mean.

Norman said...

Yes, places like this show the REAL Cyprus rather than the sanitised version.

formulae23.com said...

hi there.. heading to larnaca for the summer art program... how have your experiences been?

on a totally different note.. any idea if the wifi is slow or nice and fast?

thank you. joe @ formulae23.com