Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Larnaka is a small town about the size of Lancaster without its Morecambe/Heysham appendages. It lies some 50 or so miles east of Limassol which is a much larger city about the size of Preston or even Manchester. Larnaca (to use the English spelling) sits on a piece of east facing coast so if you were to head straight out to sea from here you would arrive at Tel-Aviv after 100 miles. These tall palm trees are a feature of Larnaca's sea front promenade. There are sunbeds on every square yard of beach and the inland side of the prom is line with high rise hotels. But once you get behind that touristy facade, there is the old town, a veritable warren of narrow streets. More of that in a later entry.
A new town. New studios. What to do? At first, take a street map and quietly get lost and find your way around. There is very little crime in Cyprus. There is a high proportion of police per head of population and the ΑΣΤΕΝΩΜΙΑ - Police have a reputation for not messing about. You can safely walk the mean street at any time day or night and nobody will lay a finger on you.

Armed with a sketchbook and some paints etc. I found a relatively empty piece of beach and did the first sea study. The Mediterranean light is so bright that at first it seems all colour has been bleached out.
This figure, taken from a Caryatid was the first studio project I did. It is life size and made up of several panels of different types of paper ranging from high quality art paper to ordinary wrapping paper including a tissue paper used in bread shops. Different media was applied to different panels. Take the head for instance: the left half is on tracing paper and drawn with an ink pen, the right hand half is water colour on Bockingford paper.

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Swearing Mother said...

Nice stuff Norman, I especially like the use of different texture papers.