Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life Drawing

I don't normally show any of my life drawings as I tend to treat life drawing as an exercise in observation and technique rather than an attempt at producing finished work. Rather like the way a musician practices scales and arpeggios but doesn't incorporate them into a performance.
Anyway, this one, above is an exercise in using graphite on wrapping paper. Brown paper in fact. The silvering is simply reflected light picked up by the camera as I photographed the work. This is done on better quality paper. The model has to travel in from Nicosia, some fifty miles from Larnaca. A couple of times she didn't manage to get to the studios so we used a male model, - me. Well... I needed the money and I have done it in the past.
Its quite a different experience being a life model in Cyprus. Its so warm, the chance to take off your clothes is almost to be welcomed. Unlike the freezing winters I've spent at
art college studios in Lancaster, Kendal, Preston et al in the past.
Life drawing is an essential, in my view, for cultivating good observation/drawing technique. We all think we know what a human being looks like untill we really look. Drawing is an eye to hand technique. Yes we need the brain to process the information the eye sees and tell the hand how to interpret it, but the brain likes to put in its own ideas and symbols. Its best to keep the brain out of it except for its purely neurological function. Perhaps this last paragraph should be in my other Blog, "The Draughtsman"?

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