Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meanwhile.. back in Cyprus......

Well "Thole Man" has been offline over a month now. The plan was to keep you all posted about the Cyprus sojourn as it happens.
But... as it happened, things were a little different. I was told before going out that Limassol Studios move to Larnaka would mean new premises, living on site and internet freely available. Well new premises we got. See above. It is a big old building that once belonged to a very rich Greek and is ideal for setting up a College of Art

Which as the sign shows is exactly what it is. All approved with the tacit support of the government of the Republic of Cyprus plus a little help from the EU. The entrance hall is impressive. It doubles as a large art gallery. I arrived believing all would be well. Then it was revealed, there are parallels between Cyprus Studios experiences and Lunesides back in dear old Blighty. I left England with the use of our new studios in Lancaster still unresolved. We have the building but can't use it. But we do have electricity.

In Larnaka, we have the building and can use it; - but there is no electricity (apart from a temporary cable from an adjoining house). So yes, you've guessed it. We have computers but no electricity, therefore no internet. Hence my silence.

Having said that, and nothing daunted, quite a sizeable body of artwork was produced during my time there. I was free to operate during daylight hours which ran from 6-00am to 6-00pm.

One other snag, the Cypriot authorities would only allow the caretaker to be resident in the building. So I got put up in a cheap hotel, "Harry's Inn" in downtown Larnaka. Basic but clean. Cheap too but no self catering.

I became a cafe bum. I learned to live well and cheaply if I went native. Just keep away from tourist places and just go where the locals go. Stoa's here was the regular spot. They looked after the artistic community of Larnaka very well. My Greek's improved too, though my accent is terrible so I'm told. Just as well, It stops me getting out of my depth and we can always get by on an Anglo-Greek mixture, Ανγληλλικη.
I'll show some of the work and tell more about what I got up to in subsequent blogs.


Swearing Mother said...

So glad you're back, Norman, and I'm looking forward to seeing your artwork. Although you had your trials and tribulations I am sure you had a great time, and by the looks of it the Mediterranean weather and food really suits you.

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Bout time you updated this dad! Been looking since you got back. Glad to see you;re getting the stuff back on. Good photy of you!

Can't wait to see the photos. It seems you're just jinxed where art studios are concerned.... but at least this one gave you room to do art! Cath x