Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back oop Noarth

Back in to Lancaster, the land of Ecky Thump. Quite different to Cornwall. The down side of St. Ives is, it lies at the opposite end of England to where I live. Well, almost. It's still 400 miles away whichever way you look at it and a long way to travel in the back of a car.

I have done manual work all my working life, first in a shipyard, then a steel foundry and finally as a nurse. Yes, I know that nursing is hardly heavy industry but the job entails a lot of lifting. So fifty years of ecky thump has taken its toll on my back and long car rides are no help. But I get over it after a while. The trick is to keep going.

What I can't understand is, how a five hour car journey gives me backache and yet a five hour flight doesn't. Perhaps cars should be fitted with aircraft seats.

In case you're wondering, the picture is of the Greyhound Bridge in Lancaster conveying the main road over the Lune to Morecambe. In the background is the Millenium foot/cycle bridge.

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