Saturday, December 15, 2007

Each to our own [gods]

In the Christian calendar tomorrow (Sunday) is the third Sunday in Advent, part of the run up to Christmas proper. It is a fasting season similar to Lent but perhaps not quite so austere. Religious fast it may be but preparations have to go ahead for the main event. Not just the religious observance but all the other razzmatazz thats got clagged on as well.

"Clagged" is a lovely Northumbrian word that means - adhered in a rather messy way. e.g. "Claggy clarts" = sticky mud. Anyway, I digress....

My other half is a "pillar of the Church" though I'm sure she hates being referred to as such but she is very involved and she will be playing her part at the local church tomorrow.

Meanwhile, what of me, a Buddhist? Well, in the Zen tradition this time of year we celebrate the Buddha's enlightenment, the culmination of His sitting meditating beneath the Bodhi tree back in 597 BCE. It is a time for celebration and it takes a form not unlike its Christian counterpart. I will, along with a few others be at Rochdale Temple enjoying a "Jacobs join" there. We will be having a similar "do" at Lancaster Zen Group's meeting on Monday. After that we can all come together and celebrate Christmas Day both religious and secular.

The plan is we go down to my daughter in Wales so that us grandparents can watch as excited children open their presents.

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