Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seeing it all

The wind has dropped. It is dry. Grand-daughter Jess wants to come on a sketching trip. "OK then, off we go". She found out that with me we do rather more than just draw pictures. We sat in a sheltered corner of the old pier just off Smeaton's Pier, ( St. Ives affecionados will know where I mean). It wasn't long before, much to Jess' delight, the local wildlife came to take a look at what we were doing. That's one thing animals seem to know is when you are definitely not going to harm them. Consequently they come up real close. Jess even had a turnstone sitting on the end of her foot!
It all had me enthusing like a veritable Bill Oddie. There were herring gulls, black headed gulls, starlings, turnstones and the occaisional sandpiper, while in the sea there were a few seals swimming about. With the exception of the seals some of these creatures were close enough to touch but I did point out it would not be a good idea to try.

There's more to painting the sea than just doing the art. We sat and watched the sea, an important aspect of drawing, not just observing in order to make meaningful marks, but to simply enjoy being there.

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Swearing Mother said...

I LOVE these pics Norman.