Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A "Turner" Dawn

The gales re-asserted themselves last night. I awoke just before the dawn. An almost new moon was rising ahead of the sun and riding the clouds like "the ghostly galleon upon a ghostly sea" as the poet put it. Crept out of bed quietly and got dressed, downstairs for a bowl of porridge and a "brew" before going out to watch the dawn. The light is usually at its purest at this time and the sound of the pounding surf so inviting. Just before the kettle came to the boil, my other half appeared in the kitchen, "Thought I'd come with you for a walk."
Yeah, why not?
Quarter of an hour later and suitably clad we set of into the teeth of a sou'westerly gale. We took a circular route round the Island which is not actually an island but an isthmus separating Porthmeor beach from Porthgwiddon beach. It was quite a blow and blast. We stopped at the harbourmaster's office at Smeaton's Pier where he had just chalked the latest forecast and tide times on the board. "Wind force 7 - 9 gusting 10 later." Gonna be a bit of a blow."
"Gets rid of the cobwebs."
We found a sheltered corner on the Wharf where I did the above watercolour. Dawn just breaking and a multi-hued sun rising from the maelstrom. Just like a Turner Dawn.
And after that...
Frozen fingers thawing round a hot mug of coffee. Marvellous.


Swearing Mother said...

How fabulous Norman, what a great thing for you and the Mrs. to do.

Norman said...

It was. We both lead busy lives in our own way and it was nice to do something together. Such moments are precious.