Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All Change, I guess.

Now we are in the throes of moving equipment in and around the studios, a process that keeps me at Castle Park for most of every day, other things come along needing immediate attention and about the same amount of physical energy. The decorators are in my house just now so I need to be on hand to help my other half clear the appropriate room(s) in preparation. At the moment it is the stairs and landing but by friday it will be the living room. Once that room is dismantled it means this PC will be shut down for a la'al bit.

My studio space has got its furniture, my old swivel armchair, drawing board and stand plus a side table also some shelving and an old bookcase from home. As the boxes and crates are unpacked, long forgotten paintings come to light and our respective spaces get filled up with them. We have allocated a room for storage of work but we need to see what we have and where to put it. So things are still a bit chaotic. Not much opportunity for making art just now.
We had visits from the fire official and the security expert who have told us how to operate the alarm systems and how they work. If I am the first to arrive at the studio I must remember to neutralis the security system unless I want see two flouro-yellow coated policemen and their brightly coloured car at the door. Hmm..... Bet we have a few false alarms before we get used to things.

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