Thursday, January 24, 2008

In the New Studio

My studio space at Luneside is already beginning to look as if I had always been there. Its hard to believe that we moved in less than a month ago. There are one or two features that betray our short time there, the notice board is looking a bit bare as are the walls. The other give-away is its still clean. This is a significant fact considering I usually work in graphite which is a notoriously black medium.
This is the finished work I had on the drawing board at the time the previous photo was taken. I am still exploring themes associated with Greek myth. This image is of Electra (Ηλεκτρα), the name means "Amber", she was the daughter of Agamemnon who led the Greek forces in the Trojan war. On his return home he was assassinated by his wife Clytemnestra. Electra plotted to avenge this by arranging her mother's death.
The story is rather complex, The Orestian Trilogy by Aeschylus gives the best account. It was all to do with family a feud. The plotting and counterplotting and carnage makes The Godfather seem rather tame by comparison.
But the story is just background information for the project. What I am exploring is the figures of that period and their evocation of a bygone era. Something that sits in the subconscious, a dream lost in the mists of time and yet.....
It still makes a tenuous connection to us in the present. Certainly in the Eastern Mediterranean this thread is not entirely lost.

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