Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Another Day

Nothing momentous to report just now. The decorating's all done and the house is settling back to normal. I walk over to the studio each day and get on with something or other. Today I took a detour across the Lune to Skerton to have a dental check-up. All OK on that front. Walked back across the Lune by way of Millenium Bridge and up Vicarage Fields past Priory Church then down the hill in the Castle's shadow to the studio. All done in a rising gale. The wind force was such that a couple of times I was brought to a standstill.
Esconsed in the studio I settled down toworking up some finished drawings from sketchbook work done over this last year or so. This piece of beach at Larnaca is the latest example. Its size is 60 x 42 cm (A2).

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