Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Room with a View.

I think there is a film if not a novel by that name, but it seems appropriate here. It is raining like it has never rained afore here in darkest Lancaster. Darkest because the rainclouds lay so thick over the city that daylight didn't register until a couple of hours after the dawn. This is the view from the upstairs front studio space, not mine. My studio space is upstairs in the centre of the building. The picture is a bit foggy because the windows need a bit of a clean. The property has been empty for over a year.
I found a (relatively) clean bit of window to take this shot of John o' Gaunt's Gateway mentioned in yesterday's Blog. On the left of the picture is Hadrian's Tower and on the right, just beyond the tower with windows in it is the Witches Tower where, as the name suggests, is where the Pendle Witches of 1612 were held. Lancaster Castle has been a prison for many centuries and remains such to this day. However, non-prison sections are open to visitors. Check it out here.

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