Friday, February 08, 2008

Cleanup Time

Around Lancaster Castle it is a maze of little known alleys. Hard to imagine that just past the bottom of this narrow street is the traffic choked mayhem of Lancaster's infamous one-way system.
* * *

A day away from the studio today. That wasn't the plan, but I had promised my other half I would clean the bathroom and kitchen this week. She has after all, done the rest of the house. We decided the place needed a good going over as it hasn't had one since the redecorating was finished. Had to admit the place was looking a bit scruffy.
Mop and bucket, check. Domestos, check. Cleaning cloths, check. Spray-on Megakleen stuff, check. Elbow grease, check right then, off I go.
I always work best at this sort of thing while my wife is out and she had arranged to lunch with a friend of hers from Church.
Well I got the bathroom done in fairly short order, its nobbut la'al so I had it thoroughly done in an hour or so. So as yesterday's washing was now dry, I got it ironed before stopping for lunch. Then set to on the piece de resistance, namely the kitchen. That took a full three hours to do properly by the time the oven and stove had been stripped down and scrubbed then the surfaces and the cupboard walls washed down and finally the floor mopped.
I'm afraid I get a bit obsessive when I do the kitchen, it gets a going over as if it were an operating theatre. Once a nurse, always a nurse, I s'pose...
Three-thirty p.m. and I sat down for a coffee feeling totally knackered just as B walked back in.
At least its all done now.
Probably put in a full day at the studio tomorrow.


CrazyCath said...

I have always said you are welcome to come and exercise your obsessive tendencies in my kitchen dad!
You just haven't taken me up on my offer...

Swearing Mother said...

Oh Norman, you know how to talk clean to a woman. I love it when my husband does the bathroom, I know every nook and cranny will get the Domestos treatment and that every surface will be gleaming.

He takes about two hours to do it, which is far more than I am willing to spend, but it is superb and very much appreciated.

You are a gem.