Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Water

The installation didn't go quite as smoothly as the plumbers hoped. The job overran a couple of hours. The old Baxi came out easily enough but the slimmer (in one dimension) was a bit taller and there was no room to put the pipework above the boiler like the old one. So it all had to be fitted beneath. The only problem is it will all need boarding in and that wasn't in the schedule but it will get sorted afterwards when the other snag is dealt with. The pipework all exposed tells the world this is an unfinished job, but, - it does have a certain aesthetic. Hence the photo.
Now what of this second snag, eh? Its the electrics. It needs an electrician to connect up the power properly and the job cannot be completed, wall cladding, shuttering etc. until then. So for now we have a lead running from the boiler along over the sink, across the work surfaces and behind the bread bin to a three pin socket. A temporary arrangement. I thought they only did jury rigs like that in Cyprus, ναι ?
Speaking of Cyprus, their hot water systems use solar power. Two solar panels on the roof of every house heat up the water in a storage tank. Believe me it really works. You get seriously hot water from it. But then you would in a country where the sun shines every day and their idea of a cool spell is our idea of a heatwave.

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