Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Its All Happening

It really is. Being of that "certain age" we qualify for the Warm Front scheme and our central heating system is in desparate need of an update. The system was old when we moved in quarter of a century ago. (Doesn't time fly?) So what with all this global warming malarky and carbon footprint rubbish its reckoned our boiler's carbon output would compete with a transatlantic airline.
Carbon footprint, sorry can't resist this, "carbon footprint" sounds like you should wipe your feet before coming in.
Anyway we had had to get up out of bed kinda early(ish), the heating engineers are here and the work is ongoing as I type. They reckon it'll all be done by tea-time.


CrazyCath said...

Goody! At last! Nagging works. Trouble with old(er) folk is they don't believe they're entitled to anything. they are! They paid their stamp! Get your grants and stuff!

Don't listen to a daughter though - good job the daughter's friends with the plumber, who they DO listen to! ;0) That's not as dodgy as it sounds....

Swearing Mother said...

Good stuff Norman, there's nothing like getting the old boiler sorted to warm life up a bit, or so my husband tells me!