Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at the Studio....

My next exhibition will be at Arteria 23 in Lancaster and will run from May through to the end of August. The private view/opening is in mid May when I will be in Cyprus. So there is some urgency to get something ready. Some of last year's "Sea Pictures will make up part of the show but the gallery have requested new work and somewhat larger than the current series. I have made three triptyches which I show here on my studio walls. I put them up this afternoon to try and get some idea how they will look in the gallery.
The left hand piece is called Breaker #2 and each panel is 30 cm (12") square. The middle vertical running piece is Beach #6. I have only just completed this and the paint is still wet. The right hand triptych is Beach #5 and made up of panels 20 cm (8") square. The smaller work on the extreme right is Cove made up of four panels 10 cm (4") square and mounted on a board 20 x 60 cm.

There is the promise of spring in the air. I set off back home at tea time with the sun just setting in the shadow of Lancaster Castle, the great brooding wall on the right of the picture.
As I walked back across town the sunset intensified. Here is the town hall clock tower sillhouetted in its Edwardian glory. Strange how we still talk of going into "town" and refer to the "town hall" when Lancaster is a city in its own right and a Royal Peculier (this is the correct spelling) as part of the Duchy of Lancaster.

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