Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Tale of Three Pictures.

After having had the redecorating done it was time to put the pictures back on the wall. Also a golden opportunity to have a bit of a change. New pictures are not a problem, after all I make plenty of them. But of course, the next question is, which ones? My other half came down to the studio t'other day and found she was rather spoilt for choice. So we ended up with a selection of forest and woodland pictures in a variety of media and frames. After much deliberation, it was settled we would have "Gully" that's the one with the two blue pools in it and Needles, the detail of some Sitka branches.

But we needed a third one to add to this pair which we have hung on the stairway wall, so this last week and today I have worked on a new piece, now completed and framed. I have called it "Redstem". There is another work by me called "Greenstem" so as it is red the title seemed appropriate.
That is half the problem with a lot of art that's made, what title to give it. Pictures can say one thing to one person and something else to another and as for what it says to the artist who made it, it might have nothing whatever to do with what it provokes in said artit's public.
All three works are slightly bigger than A4 and mounted in A3 frames.


CrazyCath said...

I like this style of yours. Always have. I really must come and have a gander at the new studio sometime....

Norman said...

Yeah. Please do. I'll put t' kettle on when I know you're on your way.