Friday, March 21, 2008

Lancaster Curiosity (14)

This is something Lancastrians of 1612 did not have to contend with! As we leave the Judges' Lodgings behind the route takes us across China Street which carries the city's [in]famous one-way system. Our seventeenth century reverie needs must give way to the all too real 21st. century for a while.
After crossing the road the route continues along Church Street which is now a modern shopping precinct but at least the architecture has some character about it. In the far distance is the Ashton Memorial. Our route pretty well follows a straight line towards it.
Beyond Church Street, and after crossing another busy road we enter Moorgate and past the Dukes Theatre and then this pub which stands on the site of its predecessor in which the Pendle Witches had their last drink on their way to the gallows. A brass plate beneath the window to the left of the main entrance attests to this..
Detail of the brass plate with the list of those executed after the Witch trials. I could not get a better quality picture here because the plate is well polished so it has my reflection in it despite my efforts to get out of the frame.

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