Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lancaster Curiosity (15)

After leaving the Golden Lion pub the route continues for a generous mile up a very steep hill. This hill is getting steeper as I get older. Journey's end for the witches is believed to have been about 100 yerds beyond the parked car shown here. This is Golgotha Village which, in its day was well out of town, a separate village in its own right. But now is an integral part of the City as a whole. I always thought the name "Golgotha" was given to this place as a reference to its proximity to a place of execution, in the same way as Christians relate to the Golgotha outside Jerusalem. But a chance conversation on the bus put me right on that one. Golgotha Village earned its name through the Black Death in 1349. Nearby, just about where that car is parked there is an old cemetery.
The cemetery is a small walled enclosure which in more recent times [18 th century] was a Quaker burial site. But back in the 14 th century those who died from the Black Plague were interred here. They are probably buried much deeper down. Fear of this disease was terrible indeed. But today it is something of a secret garden, a very paecful and tranquil place that belies its grim past.

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Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Very interesting. Remembering going to visit Eyam some years ago in Derbyshire and learning some of the plague background there. Suppose its inevitable it would have spread to a main thoroughfare such as Lancaster.