Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lancaster Curiosity (6)

Behind the castle stands Priory Church and beyond that the green sward of the other side of the Castle Hill sweeping down towards St. George's Quay and the River Lune. Vicarage Fields are ancient allotments dating back to Saxon times. They are not used as such now but are a national Heritage site. It is believed there is much archeology to be found here as the monastic buildings covered this land up to the time of the Dissolution by Thomas Cromwell under Henry VIII.

Strange, isn't it, how the name Cromwell featured twice in English history; first it was Thomas Cromwell, King Henry's secretary who oversaw the dismantling of the monasteries in Engand and the a hundred years later along comes Oliver Cromwell who dismantled the Monarchy and destroyed a few castles. I wonder if they were related?


CrazyCath said...

Now that's a nice shot!

Norman said...

Hard to believe its in the middle of a bustling city, eh?

CrazyCath said...

Found this site - you might be interested.

Buddhism today - Brian Vaugh.