Friday, March 14, 2008

Lancaster Curiosity (7)

There is a path runs down the edge of Vicarage Fields. It runs very steeply and gets so steep near the bottom that steps are necessary. At first sight these steps look as though they were put there at least 200 years ago.
But then this plaque gives the game away. It was last century but only just. Actually this flight of steps is recorded as "Doris's Steps." So there you have it.

I missed doing a posting yesterday. I was busy all day in the studio, framing some work for an upcoming exhibition. By the time I got home in late evening I was only fit for my bed. Today has been no different, preparing said frames but at least I got away at tea-time (sort of). There now only remains the cataloguing, labelling, hanging fixtures, statements..etc...etc...

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CrazyCath said...

Please see comment at SM's. You cannot come out with Blogging "babes". You do not look like a babe and you'd cramp my style! I do not look like a babe but at least I do not have a beard.

But we'll join you later for the Tourette's troupe tour. ;0)