Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stainer's Crucifixion

Swearing Mother's blog for March 7 tells of her listening to the Rolling Stones rock band and having the ghettoblaster at full volume and how she enjoyed it even though she made her tinnitus worse.
Well I don't know about Mick Jagger but while I was working on my latest version of ΓΥΝΕΘΕΑ I decided, seeing its getting up to that time of year to put on the tape of "The Crucifixion", an oratorio by John Stainer. I put on my earphones and had the volume set pretty high. I thouroughly enjoyed the piece even if Gloucester Cathedral organ did blast my eardrums!
Now my tinnitus is ringing-ing-ing-ing. Thats karmic consequence for you.
Serious musicians are a bit unkind to Stainers "Crucifixion"; they say it is sentimental Victorian tripe. Well, so was some of Arthur Sullivan's music. But the Victorians were sentimental romantics. As for it being tripe, well, I'm a vegetarian and haven't much time for tripe either.
But taken for what it is, with very singable chorales in between it is a lovely piece of music. So yeah, whatever turns you on, whether its Mick Jagger or John Stainer, lets go for it.


CrazyCath said...

You can listen to it ANY time y'know! You always did like your cathedral stuff. Must be the childhood...

Pop over to today's post on mine. There's a little award for you. Comments are good too. :0)

Swearing Mother said...

Norman, you are so right. Some music just connects to the soul, man, as Mick would say.

We listen to all sorts, but to be honest my taste isn't very high-brow although it can be at times.

Variety is the spice of life and all that.

Norman said...

Yes, Crazy Cath, you KNOW your old man was a chorister long, long ago and yes too SM, variety IS the spice of life.