Thursday, March 06, 2008

Work in Progress

The drawing board corner of my studio. I'm taking a little rest from the "Sea Pictures" and doing a bit of work on Hellenistic figures. This is an intermittent project that started in Cyprus last year, or was it the year before? Time flies. Anyway this is a general view of the area.
What i tend to do is make a sort of master image and then do variations of that. It is not unlike the way a music composer takes a basic theme and makes up a series of variations either melodic or tinkers with the instrumentation. The original drawing, based on a caryatid figure of the Hellenic period, around 450 BC, was prepared on a piece of cartridge paper then I made a tracing (top middle) from which to set out subsequent images. Five versions are shown here. Each drawing is slightly different from the others. The idea is to create an image which expresses what I am trying to say. Or rather what I think I am trying to say. I want to make an image of a Grecian female figure but in a minimalist way. Line drawing does the trick but something is lacking.

Today I made the watercolour version shown here. It is on a piece of heavy paper 42 cms tall.

I finished todays session at the studio by starting another one, in acrylics this time. You can see it on the drawing board in the top photo. The master drawing is the image to the left of the painting.

Each day I walk across Lancaster to the Castle area by a different route. There are so many hidden things to find in this ancient city. I have photographed quite a few of these curiosities. I shall post an image most days but not necessarily with a commentary. Please let me know what you think of them.

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CrazyCath said...

I think the colour is needed if you want to be minimalist but add depth. The acrylic looks like it is coming on nicely.
Can you email me how to do a link in comments if you know how? Failing that your grandson will surely oblige, but I DO like to look as if I know something he hasn't taught me now and again! Give the illusion of intelligence in his IT field....