Friday, April 11, 2008

Exhibition Preview, well, a la'al peek.

Transferred the stuff for the upcoming exhibition at Arteria today. The gallery have selected nine pieces for their Summer Exhibition which begins in mid May and runs until the end of August. Shown here is one of the pieces, "Beach #6" painted in acrylics on three canvasses, each 30 cm (12" in English) square making the whole work a tad over three feet tall.

The bottom panel shows a group of large stones on a sandy beach in black and white monochrome. The centre panel, the water's edge in pale colours and the top, the more distant sea and nebulous horizon in full colour. Although a trip to the Mediterranean is imminent, this is not of it. This is Porthmeor beach at St. Ives on one of those [rare] calm days in Cornwall.

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