Friday, April 04, 2008

Unfinished Business

She sat there, taped to a drawing board for ages. She was to be the final piece in a series. But I'd moved on to another figure series so there she was, a piece of 300 gsm heavy duty drawing paper, 42 cm tall, painted with a Prussian Blue acrylic background and only the ghost of a figure.
Unfinished business. It needed to be sorted. I'm off to Cyprus in just over a week working at the school in Lempa, near Paphos and won't be back until June. This stuff is part of the Cypriot project work but I don't want to arrive there with a load of loose ends. Its always best to get there with a clean slate so I can have an open mind about what presents itself.
In doing this picture I wanted to just have the head and torso in sharp focus.
In case you're wondering who the model is, it is a manikin I have in my studio space, the type you see in clothes shops. I bought a couple of yards of white material and made a chiton for it so I could at least get some idea what a woman from the Hellenic period (BC500 to around the birth of Christ) looked like.
If you look closely you may see the eyes of these figures are blue and blank. Gods they may have been in mythical times, but all-seeing they were not. They were unable to see what consequences of their actions were for the human race. I must admit I got the idea from the blank eyes of the statues from that period. However, I have been informed by antiquarians that the Greeks painted their statues in their natural colours so it is reasonable to assume the eyes had the irises and pupils painted on. Whatever, when all is said and done, we can only look at the art of that time through 21st century eyes so I make no apologies for putting my own interpretations on it.

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Julie at Virtual Nexus said...

Interesting comment on the all seeing nature of the statues...and the painted statuary. Very nice piece of work.