Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just spent all day working up this drawing of Aphrodite taken from the statue that stands in the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia, the capital. The drawing is 50 x 70 cms on 300gsm paper. I used charcoal, graphite and black chinese ink plus a bit of sweat running off my finger ends. I do use a rather energetic drawing technique. I don't mark the paper, I assualt it. That is why I use a heavy gauge paper. When I had decided it was finished, that is to say, couldn't think of any more to add, I sprayed some fixative on it as is routine. But once it had dried out I saw there are a few hairs off my beard mixed in there. So this work really has got a part of me, - literally(!) The dark sombre sky is hardly what one envisages the Mediterranean to be like but I needed that dark background to project the stark whiteness of the marble from which the sculpture was made. Mind you, when a storm rolls in from Crete or Egypt the sky really does get that black. Cyprus is in Biblical territory so Biblical storms will happen.
There are no upcoming exhibitions for me at the moment which means there is no pressure just now to produce finished work. So I am spending a bit of time experimenting with these mythological figures and trying to find some way of expressing their mythological essence. The ancient Greek gods may be long gone, but some trace of them remains. You can sense it in the air.
By the way I have not returned to Cyprus, -not yet. I am still in England enjoying (sic) its cold summer. I return to Larnaka in September. Meanwhile, I can dream and make a few more mythological images.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, thank you. I have 3 more drawings from you in my database.See my URL

Norman said...

Hi there K Bender. Can't get past the homepage.

CrazyCath said...

I like these charcoal ones. I guess instead of "blood sweat and tears" this one has "beard sweat and graphite"!!