Friday, June 13, 2008

Degree Show

Its that time in the Academic Year again when Art Departments put on their Degree Shows and CYCA at Lempa was no exception. Indeed much of my time and energy during my stay there was directed at getting this show off the ground. The degree show is assessed prior to the private view and is , in effect, the students' final paper. They do have to produce an essay to accompany the work but the essays are not part of the show. The hands-on work I was involved in was getting working studios converted into a passable art gallery. I had fixtures to make and we all had to get a decorator's paintbrush in our hands and apply some flat white emulsion to the walls. Even with the most meticulous forward planning it can all end up as a last-minute rush. One corner of the show, showing work by Leigh Watson of Cambridge, UK.
Another corner showing work by Christina Parestis, an ex-patriot Cypriot from London. She concentrated on sculpture, especially stone carving. Probably the most important part of any Degree show, or any Private View for that matter, - the refreshments table.
Back in England now, the Degree Show PV season is well under way. I was at the University of Cumbria's show at St. Martin's College in Lancaster yesterday, there will be one at the Peter Scott Gallery in Lancaster University on Tuesday and the Lancaster and Morecambe College of Further Ed. has theirs on Thursday. UCLAN in Preston just had their's at the end of May but on the night I was somewhat involved with the one in Lemba. I can't be everywhere.

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