Saturday, June 07, 2008

Filigree Work

Still in Cyprus, - retrospectively. Early morning, arounf 6-00 am. The sun just starting to clear the horizon. The low filters horizontally through the bamboos and prickly pear plants and wonderfully picks out these spider's webs. Each one is about a foot in diameter. I took the picture in b&w as I reckoned the brownish ochre colour of the background wall would detract from the filigree design. It was one of those lucky shots when I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Talking of filigree, here is one of the Hellenic figure drawings I did while out there. This is one taken from a series of sculptures of Amazons, the legendary warrior maidens of Ephesus on the Black Sea coast and now part of modern Turkey. I find ther complex folds and pleats of her short chiton fascinating. This drawing was done using a 0.5 mm technical pencil on pretinted paper. That is to say, I did a water colour of the image first then applied the pencil detail once the painting was dry, which in Cyprus' heat didn't take all that long.

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