Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Great Art Wall of Lempa

The Great Art Wall of Lempa is a wall made up of accumulated sculptures made at CYCA over the years. It started off as one sculpture and just... grew.
In many ways it compares with a similar art wall in Barcelona at the other end of the Med but that one was planned and built by Gaudi who designed the ongoing cathedral project there. The Lemba wall, on the other hand, arose out of pure seredipity. It just... happened. All this is the dreamchild of the college's founder Stass Paraskos. You can get some idea of this man on the you-tube here.
It has now become a tourist attraction in its own right. It takes a bit of getting used to, working in the middle of a tourist attraction. I have even had tourists approach me when I'm working in the yard and ask in pointed slow words, "Do - you - speak - English?" I mean, just because my beard has grown a bit long, as has my hair, I'm covered in stone dust and developed a bit of a tan, well, I mean, do I look Greek? Our next door neighbour says, "Ελά Νορμάνου! You take a look in the mirror sometime!" OK, Δαχί. Point taken. But I do love the look of relief on these tourist's faces when they learn I am English, well, - as English as any self-respecting Northumbrian can be, but that's another story.

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