Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Plank Art

I suppose its time I posted some of the art I made on the last Cyprus trip. This one, which I have left on show at the Gallery in Lempa is an example of Plank Art, that is to say, art made on a plank. I was asked to put some stuff up for the Degree Show and this is one of the items made. I found this plank of dressed timber, about a metre long and ten or so centimetres wide. After sanding it and applying a couple of coats of gesso I painted this picture on it in acrylics. It is one of those scenes I did "at the office". Instead of breaking up the image into a series of square frames, I let the natural boundaries created by the breakers split the image. The foreground is in monochrome, not quite black and white, more a blue-ishness and white. The scene recedes into full colour. The horizon is deliberately obscure.

Hope you like it.