Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing

At this time of year and until December the Cypriot climate is such that rising with the sun is the best option. By 10-00 am the temperature is well into the upper twenties (Celcius) and in the afternoon a siesta is necessary, it gets too hot to do anything. Consequently my sketching trips to the beach are very early in the mornings and even then you can feel the sun scorching through your tee shirt. Not that I'm complaining you understand.
My room in Lempa, like the others in the accommodation was a simple one, not unlike a monastic cell. It has a tiles floor, whitewashed walls and a small shuttered window. At sunrise I get up, having woken naturally, no need for an alarm clock, then sit and meditate for twenty minutes or so. Usually I have my door open to let in some fresh air. As well as fresh air, the sounds of rural Cyprus come into my room too. A cockerel crowing, pidgeons cooing, tree frogs croaking and the distant sussuration of the sea. There is very little motor traffic. There is only natural thought arising here. I am aware of the sounds but they don't intrude. Deliberate thought only arises when I realise it is time to go and have a bite of breakfast before heading off for the beach.
The whole college complex has something of a monastic feel about it but a monastery it isn't. It is a place to make art and have a lively exchange of ideas. The evenings were often spent doing just that. There is no TV or radio so the outside world tends not to intrude with its endless chatter. We only ever got to find things out if something important happened. The only bit of news we heard was of some trouble in Lebanon and that there may be refugees arriving. But it must have resolved fairly quickly, no refugees came.

"Sitting quietly
Doing nothing
the Sun rose
All by itself."

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