Saturday, August 09, 2008

End of the Show.

The summer show at Arteria Gallery in Lancaster ended to-day so I called there to collect my work and was pleasantly surprised they had it all packed up ready for me. It only remained for me to phone my other half to bring the car round and we take the stuff back to the studio.
We arrived at the studio to find the place had been broken into. Other artists were there and after I had unloaded my stuff we set to looking around to see if anything had been stolen. A camera, a bottle of Ouzo, two duvets and a rug have been taken. The thieves had also availed themselves of the pantry and fridge along with some cigars belonging to one of our artists. They did leave a visiting card, second-hand syringes. We decided not to touch anything and dialled 999. The police arrived in pretty short order and immediately set to with one officer donning a white paper boiler suit and gloves then examining the evidence. Another set about investigating how the thieves got in and of course we had to answer the routine questions. They were very thorough and efficient and not overly officious. Ten out of ten to the police I say.
My own space had been left untouched I was relieved to learn. But we did deduce the method of entry.
The entire premises has state of the art deadlocks as recommended by crime prevention but the system had one flaw. The letterbox is wide enough to allow a would-be intruder to reach through and operate the lock an gain access. Needless to say we have now secured the letterbox in no uncertain manner. The other failure was the burglar alarm. It never went off. Turns out the developing contractors next door had inadvertently severed the cable. The word "developer" is a swear word in Lancaster. They turn our city upside down then clear off leaving us with an expensive building that no-one can really afford to live in.
And just to put a finishing touch to our day, it has p***ed down all day and one of the skylights has sprung a leak.
But it isn't all bad, my wife did me a lovely meal to come home to. Also I have in the last few days got two definite exhibition bookings; one in Morecambe in October and another in Lancaster in the New Year and a possible re-booking at Arteria next summer.
"Und Morgens wird der Sonne wieder scheinen" as Max Schiller's poem says. Tomorrow the sun will shine again.

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