Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lotus - The Jewel

At the Lancaster Meditation Group meeting last Monday I was explaining the role of the lotus blossom in our tradition. I explained how these flowers are usually found in brackish water. The root grows from the mud at the bottom and the stem grows up through the dark muddy water climbing towards the light and blooming in the glory of the day on the surface before sending its seeds back to the muddy bottom to begin the cycle all over again.
The lotus blossom shines in the glory of its existence, transitory though it may be.
But we don't have to travel far and wide to see other "lotuses".

I was struck by this recently when I saw the clear blue sky reflected in a muddy pool in the middle of a cart track in the Lake District. It was like a sapphire amongst all that grey.

As I've mentioned in previous postings this has been one of the wettest summers I can remember. I feel tempted to add, "and the most miserable." But no, while it would be nice to wake up to wall-to-wall sunshine and not oppressive grey clouds, even in all this greyness there are flashes of real beauty which inspire. The sun struggles to break through the clouds and its light is reflected in the puddles in the gutter like a jewel glinting in the mud.

All we have to do is really see it. The image is fleeting. A flash of light reflected in a puddle. Then it is erased as another set of car tyres splash through and cascades thousands of droplets, each reflecting that light.

Pity about those muddy droplets landing on my white shorts. But then thats life for you.

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