Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Paintings

I have made two new paintings over the last few days. Both of them are of the Atlantic at St. Ives. This first one of a wave is so far untitled but for the sake of cataloguing it is "Untitled (not Hokusai)"
Hokusai was a Japanese painter/printmaker who was famous for his picture of a wave. I have appended an image at the end.
This Untitled (not Hokusai) is 30 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas.

The other, equally thus far "Untitled" is of the wave after it has spent its force on the beach and there is just a general turmoil of foam and waves going in all directions. Actually I might call this second one "Turmoil". But let's wait and see. I prefer the titles to evolve naturally. This work is 20 x 20 cm also acrylic on canvas.

"Hokusai's Wave"

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