Saturday, August 30, 2008

A sense of urgency

All artmaking has gone on "hold" for the moment. With less than three weeks to go before I leave for Cyprus and an exhibition of my stuff opening in my absence I have to get things ready before then. Consequently my studio space looks more like a framing workshop just now. Its a fiddly business making frames. The mitred joints in the corners have to be right. If work is badly presented then no matter how good the art is, it just won't connect with the viewing public.
They don't have to be super-duper frames, - they just have to look good. That's all. So a lot of time is spent simply attending to little details. I don't know of any artist who enjoys framing. But there are more to do and less time. I shall probably have to contract some of the work out. Actually, the cost of timber and glass these days plus the taking up of my own time probably means I'm not rewlly saving anything by doing it myself. Professional framers use pre-set jigs and can do the job quicker.
Anyway, here's a picture, the last bit of work to come off the drawing board a couple of days back. Each image is 60 cm long. I have an idea for making a much larger painting, probably about a metre and a half long from this. What is on this large sheet of paper is a series of different interpretations of the same theme. The top one in pencil, the next a drawing on top of watercolour, then one in layers of coloured inks and at the bottom, a gouache which is fairly close to how the final painting might look.
.... unless I change my mind.

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