Sunday, August 10, 2008

Went for a Walk

Thought I'd take a day off from the Studio today and take a walk. Being over that certain age I have my bus pass and one thing Uncle Gordon did get right was to introduce nationwide bus passes which means I can go anywhere (in England) for free. So I got on the Peston bus as far as Galgate, a smallish village some six miles south of Lancaster. From Galgate I walked back along the canal towpath back to our fair city. The weather was threatening rain but I thought, what the 'eck, I'm not made of sugar, I won't melt. I took a waterproof anyway which turned out as not needed. A stiff breeze was blowing in across the Bay sending clouds and patches of blue sky scurrying overhead. At least the wind was warm. But with all the rain we've been having lately there was as much water standing on the towpath as in t' canal proper. Now I've been wearing sandals all the time since I last got back from Cyprus and anticipating a waterlogged walk I opted for my old pair which are just about dropping off my feet now. Actually it was so muddy I walked barefoot most of the way and only put sandals on for the gravelly bits.
Its quite pleasant slodging barefoot through mud and water and it was surprisingly warm too.
It has been a nice day. Must do it more often.

Footnote to all this rain. I saw in The Observer today an article about "Tinder dry Britain", what planet are they on? Or is it me on another planet?

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CrazyCath said...

Tinder dry Britain? Must be another Britain.

Walks seem to be in the air at the moment. Most refreshing!

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