Friday, August 08, 2008

Where have I been?

Its amazing how time moves on. I haven't realised just how long its been since I put up a posting, nearly three weeks. So what have I been up to since the house got painted?
Well, I've visited family in Brum and in Wales and yesterday visited daughter "crazy" Cath at her holiday caravan. She went abroad this time, in Lancashire terminology, - to Yorkshire!

I've been making art as ever and have now moved back to painting/drawing sea pictures again but taking a slightly different approach. There is a largish body of work featuring the beach and breakers, - views looking out to sea and it was time to stand back and take a look at what I am doing. The stepping back was doing some of the Hellenic/Mythical figures which I have featured earlier. In them I have been exploring other techniques and ways if expressing the image. Now I am thinking along the lines of having the centre of the picture in sharp focus and possibly in full colour too and the periphery faded somewhat. A bit like a soft focus photo like what you see in wedding pictures I suppose.

This one is called "LAND'S END" as that is where the image was taken from. An arm of rock projects into a protesting sea. That sea has travelled unopposed all the way from New York and lands here on the rocky Cornish Coast. No wonder the waves are big.
It took me best part of a week to make this piece. Its pretty big at A1 size (84 x 60 cm). While I was making this piece I had my studio stereo blasting the Albert Hall organ into my ears via earphones. Wayne Marshal playing Messian at the Proms , "Eh? Pardon? You'll have to speak up, got tinnitus now!!"

This one is called LOW TIDE worked from a sketch I did quite some time ago and featured in The Draughtsman in December last year. It is 50 cm square and painted just as noisily, Mozart Requiem I seem to remember.

And finally, this drawing of a delapidated goat shed on Corfu, worked from a sketch from four or so years ago. This is 35 cm tall by 25 cm wide. I had Choral Evensong on Radio3 blowing my eardrums out at the time. A Bruckner chorale followed by Bach's prelude and fugue BWV 375 nicknamed "Bach riding his BMW" and it isn't called that for nothing.

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