Monday, August 25, 2008

Work in Progress

Its been a little while since the last posting. I have been a bit out of sorts for the last few days. Last Thursday I though I would take a bus trip out to Glasson Dock and walk back to Lancaster. I reckon it is only three or so miles out of town. Er, nearer seven as i found out. It was an enjoyable walk and I was a bit footsore ere I finished it but that was to be expected. Then, after being back an hour or so i felt decidedly unwell then had to make a dash for the loo. Yup. I got the dire-horrors. Now GI infections with me are very rare. So whence cometh this one? Two questions come up here, (1) is this diarrhoea connected to exhuastion or (2) is it totally unrelated and just chose this moment to manifest? Either way, by 8-00 p.m. I was in bed shivering and with an extra blanket too for all it was a warm evening. Next morning I felt a bit better but decidedly fragile. It has taken a few days to get back to normal. Had I done too much? I sometimes wonder. My brain still pretends I'm 21 but at times my body reminds me that my twenty-first birthday was forty-seven years ago. I never learn!

The top picture shows one wall of my studio space at the moment. You can see the two sea pictures I featured earlier among the other stuff. The ideas are flooding in just now so its one seascape after another.

This picture is a general view of my cluttered desk and table. this is the usual scenario. On the drawing board in the foreground is a series of interpretations of a large tsunami-like breaker rolling in. There are three images thus far, the top one in graphite, the middle, a watercolour with graphite added and the lower one colouredd inks in several thin layers. Down by the tee-square is the faint outline of what will be another interpretation using gouache, a waterbased full bodied medium.

Life has its complications. Nice complications though. I have to have an exhibition of some 14 sea pictures ready before I go to Cyprus in just on a month's time. The exhibition will be at Qsand in Morecambe throughout October. I will be showing alongside another marine artist, Ben McLeod. Most of my stuff is ready but the gallery have selected two works on paper which are yet to be framed. So I'll have to stop artmaking and get on with making a couple of frames.

This last piece is the first of the wave-cum-tsunami pictures. It is about 8 cm high by 50 cm long. This is a watercolour with some gouache added. None of them have a title yet; they are all "Untitiled Number whatever". The image is from a sreies of sketches and a photo I took in St. Ives last December in an Atlantic gale. Quite a contrast to the Cyprus I had only just returned from a week before.

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