Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Culmination?

Its all coming together at last. The work for my upcoming exhibition at Qsand in Morecambe which I'm sharing with local artist Ben McLeod is now ready. All fourteen pieces are framed and wrapped, catalogued etc. and all that remains is for them to be transported to the gallery tomorrow morning. A friend of mine with a transit van is helping out here. The gallery are hanging the show on September 29 by which time I'll be in Larnaka in the Republic of Cyprus.

It seems to be the story of my artistic life this year, every time I have an exhibition I miss the opening party because I'm elsewhere. But I will be back in Blighty before this show closes so I will get a chance to have a look.

The studio is very busy just now. There are another four of our number with exhibition deadlines to meet in this next week or so. Among other things ideas for my work are flooding in. I'm working on new interpretations of my Sea Pictures which you can glimpse on this picture of my studio space seen from the doorway. I envisage these elongated pictures becoming long horizontal canvasses about a metre or so long by about 30 cms high. There are ideas for more conventional formats where only part of the picture is coloured and the rest is b&w. Like this sketch here.

Then there are the Hellenic figures, - drawings of sculptures made around 500 BC to the arrival of Rome. I was never quite sure what to do with these but I knew how I wanted to paint them. But I think I've arrived at a solution; long tall narrow canvasses, life size.

Now there's no way I can get all this done in Cyprus. Well I can but the cost of transporting large work back to England would prove prohibitive. So the time spent in Cyprus will be spent furthering this line of research and enquiry. Also, there is a commission to paint for a client in Crete. We shall meet up in Cyprus and decide in proper Greek fashion over a coffee how this is to be done.

Oh, and I do have to help with a bit of teaching at the Cyprus School of Art. I don't think there'll be much time for lazing on the beach. Which may be just as well because I learnt today that it has been raining the last few days. But temperatures are still up in the low thirties. I don't mind warm rain.

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