Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just about sorted

Thirteen of the fourteen works are now ready for transfer tothe gallery on Sept 22. The last on is the one shown here. It is called "Surf" and was painted in 2002. The edging needs tidying up a bit and a bit of retouching is needed in the top right corner. This is by far the largest piece of work by me in the exhibition. It is 48" (120 cm) square. Painted in acrylic on board.
There is something of a logistical problem in that my wife's car is a Toyota Yaris and as far as I can guess there is no way a four foot square painting is going to fit in.
At the moment the painting takes up almost all of one wall in my studio while I work on it.

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CrazyCath said...

I love this one. A favourite.