Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turning my attention to....

CYPRUS. Larnaca this time round.

My pictures pictures are now with the Qsand Gallery in Morecambe ready for the exhibition that opens on October3.

My studio is looking a lot clearer now the main body of work has gone. Now I can concentrate on deciding what I'm going to do in Cyprus. (1) Develop further the Hellenic series such as this Amazon/Artemis image.

(2) Work on the "Cretan Ship" which I've done a few preliminary sketches for. These are based on a replica the "Kyrenia II" which put in to Paphos recently and with a little bit of luck may be in Larnaca ere I arrive.

Now that the more settled weather in England is giving the lie to our ingloriously wet summer, and I am looking forward to a bit of sunshine in the Eastern Mediterranean, what's the news I get?

Cypriots overjoyed at listening to water gurgling down their gutters! After a dry year its raining! At least its warm rain.

Well, I'll be there on Friday so posts may be a bit infrequent unless the studio internet is up and running. Otherwise its internet cafes which don't come cheap.
Καλιμερα. Cheers!


Swearing Mother said...

Have a great time Norman.

CrazyCath said...

I bet you WILL have a great time, rain or not. It never rains for that long anyway.

Norman said...

Thank you both. I think the great time is guaranteed whatever the weather.