Monday, October 20, 2008

and now, the end is near...

Shirley Bassey used to sing that in her song "I did it my way."
While out here in Cyprus I have been rather busy and there isn't much time for blogging on a shared computer. I have my slot and that's it. Anyway fly back to my cold Northern land on Friday. So once I am esconced in front of my own PC I can update the blog.
Lotsa photos and stuff as usual and for me, writing the blog post datal as it were means I am (virtually) reliving the scene.
Cyprus College of Art keeps me busy in my role as artist-in-residence. It is all very pleasant working in wall-to-wall sunshine, there's no denying that, but and actual holiday? Well not quite.
Having said that, I wouldn't be anywhere else. I'll very likely be back in the spring.

One by product of these trips to Cyprus is my Greek is getting a bit fluent even if it is the Cypriot dialect rather than mainland Greek. Kalimera folks.

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CrazyCath said...

It'll be good to see you dad. Click here to see Shirley in action...