Tuesday, October 07, 2008

First day of term

I have a hangover this morning. I'm not surprised. Yesterday was the introductory day for the students. That didn't affect me much as I am not concerned with registers and all that admin stuff. I just got on a nd did my own thing.

In the evening we had a visiting lecturer fly out from London to give a lecture on The Francis Bacon exhibition currently running at Tate Modern. After that it was the introductory social for staff and students alike. Soon we all retired to Stoa's Taverna where we drank and discussed art, history, mythology, etc. far into the following morning. Many bottles of KEO, the Cypriot lager were consumed. Nobody got disgustingly drunk, - you get arrested for that in Cyprus, - but by next morning most of us had the distinct symptoms of dehydration, the hangover headache. A large glass of water and a good stiff μετριω (Greek coffee) had us ready to take on the day.

All the students went into town to take part in a mass "draw-in" after which we evaluated the results back at the college.

I read in the Cyprus News, the English language newspaper, that September was the wettest on record. This after a three year drought. The resevoir levels have now doubled. They are 6% full now. That's right, six percent. I wonder how the British water companies would cope?
But now a new heatwave has set in with temperatures back in the mid to upper thirties. Gets a bit chilly at nights now, dropping to around twenty. I'm not complaining you understand.


Swearing Mother said...

Hey Norman, I'm going to the Rothko exhibition at the Tate Modern in November, don't know why but I like his stuff.

Think it might be a bit doomy though, so will have to do Oxford Street as a bit of retail therapy to cheer me up.

CrazyCath said...

You better not be complaining temperatures like that! hah!

And a hangover? Cor blimey. Can't leave you anywhere...

Norman said...

SM. Enjoy the Rothko. I like his stuff. Although he is an abstract painter I can relate to those huge areas of colour. If its a bit doomy for you , don't forget there's other stuff in the Tate to cheer you up. Only one thing I have against the TATE, their coffee's bloomin' expensive!

Crazycath. Well you can leave me anywhere its what I do when I am there is the problem.