Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nicosia (Λευκωσια)

Took a bus trip to Nicosia, the capital, yesterday. A journey of some 40 km along a quiet (by British standards) motorway. It only cost nine euros for the round trip. The bus station is close by the Pafos gate shown here. It is an ancient gateway to the walled part of the city.
The next place I visited was the famous Ledera Street which has one thing in common with Unter den Linden in Berlin but unlike the Berin street that no longer is blocked by the Berlin Wall, Ledera Street leads to the Green Line separating the Turkish occupied zone from the rest of Cyprus. Gladly the way has been opened up but restrictions still apply. I walked up as far as the line, well as far as the UN troops at the line. It is a stark reminder that Cyprus isn't entireley paradise.
The last picture here is of the Freedom monument. Originally built to commemorate the end of British rule in 1959 but now looks to the re-unification of Cyprus. North Cyprus has been occupied since 1974.
It is all a poignant reminder.

But on a happier note I spent a large chunk of the day in the National Museum viewing ancient and modern Cypriot art. Later I spent a leisurely couple of hours window shopping in the Laiki Getonia district. It is rather like a North African souk but full of tourist shops.


CrazyCath said...

The world is definitely not free.
Have a look around but be careful. Enjoy yourself!

BTW, I got "interviewed" today on Authorblog - have a look. The link is here.
(Just thought you might be interested in your daughter's 5 minutes of fame! lol)

Swearing Mother said...

It looks sunny there Norman!