Saturday, November 08, 2008


The breakers here have formed an amphitheatre around a slightly raised sandbank. I painted this just before I left for Cyprus last September. This picture has a Cyprus connection; it is of a small stretch of beach midway between Pafos and Coral Bay. This is an area of coastline made up of low lying cliffs and several small coves. The cliffs are never more than say, 3 metres or ten feet high so this is no Cornwall. What is interesting though, is how rough the sea is on this western tip of the Island compared to Larnaca where is can be as flat as a millpond.
This painting is A3 (30 x 42 cm) size, gouache on 300 gsm cartridge.
These postings have been a bit infrequent of late but I'll try to rectify this even if its just to show some art. I intend to show the work of one or two Cypriot artists.

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