Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Project

Four Figures
Caryatid - Artemis #1 - Artemis #2 - Afrodite

"At the moment I have a large body of work assembled of the "Sea Pictures" so there is not so much pressure to produce new work in that direction. This leaves me free to concentrate on my Hellenic project(s) which hark back to the times I spend in Cyprus.
Not surprisingly the mythological material coupled with the modern Cypriot Art scene has exerted something of an influence here. Many years ago when I was in my late teens/early twenties I avidly read the Greek classics. My trips to Cyprus have re-awakened this interest. I have done a lot of random drawings of Hellenic style figures, mainly female, but there has been no real cohesive plan. It was rather like looking around a new environment and just taking everything at face value."

The above is a quote from my other blog The Draughtsman which I have just revived. It has lain dormant since September.

It is in the preparation of the above composite that a plan emerged where I intend to produce a body of work of these mythological characters. A start has been made. I am working on the Agamemnon/Elektra/Orestes trilogy. More details on The Draughtsman.

The four panels above are 42 cm tall, gouache on paper. The four make up a complete work.

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