Friday, December 19, 2008

In Studio

As well as the Orestian six-part trilogy(!) There is planned as part of this particular body of work, some figures from the Ερέχθειον adjacent to the Πάρθευου in Athens. There are the Caryatids, - female figures acting as columns to support the building. The original Karyatides, - Καρυατίδης, - were dancing maidens in the temple of Artemis in the Peloponnese in mainland Greece. They danced with baskets of plants on their heads and were known as Karyatidae. The sculptural caryatid developed from this. A caryatid is a figure carved as part of a pillar. Some of the more modern examples, e.g. Modigliani and Rodin depict muscular male figures supporting some structure with their arms.
Here on one wall of my studio are two studies of the figures. I originally intended them to finish up as life size paintings six feet tall. The examples shown here are four feet tall.
I did make one at six feet tall to see how it would look. It is a bit too monumental in scale. O.K. if I had a big gallery lined up for it, but I haven't. Considering I intend to do four of these figures to make up a polyptych, even at four feet it will be a fairly large piece of work. At six feet it would be enormous.

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